Wednesday 5 August 2020

Book Chapter - The Resurgence of the Global Research Interprofessional Network

IPR.Global published a chapter, entitled The Resurgence of the Global Research Interprofessional Network in the book Sustainability and Interprofessional Collaboration: Ensuring Leadership Resilience in Collaborative Health Care, It describes the development of the Global Research Interprofessional Network (GRIN) and the In-2-Theory network from its origins. In this chapter, the journey to GRIN and In-2-Theory, the Resurgence of GRIN2Theory, the Drivers of Success, Network Sustainability and Resilience, and the Lessons Learned are discussed. Similar to other IPECP networks, sustainability remains a high priority for IPR.Global. It is therefore imperative that IPR.Global be innovative and offer something unique and of value. Lessons learned from our experience and from our scoping review on collaborative networks indicate that key factors for a sustainable interprofessional collaboration need to include a committed membership, the maintenance of dialogue, ensuring clarity, respecting diversity, and engagement in process/contextual factors. Relevance, buy-in and social capital for members are key principles for ensuring a sustainable network. IPR.Global will remain focused on global leadership in IPECP Research, as our practice, and will continue to promote and advocate for evidence-informed policies and practices. We foster and facilitate theory-driven, methodologically rigorous IPECP research to achieve better health, better care, better value and better work experience for all. 

For more information contact chapter author Dr. Hossein Khalili: