Wednesday, 23 September 2020

IPR.G Partnership Development Working Group Seeking Two New Members

The IPR Global (IPR.G) Partnership Development Working Group is seeking two new members for this collaborative Working Group preferably from either Australasia, Europe, or Canada to broaden the representation and perspectives brought to the work of this group. This group currently consists of 3 members, two from the United States and one from Jordan. 

The purpose of the IPR.G Partnership Development Working Group is to broadly communicate the ongoing work of a global interprofessional research community where individuals partner and collaborate to discuss, investigate, and disseminate global interprofessional research. Currently, this group has been focusing their efforts on three strategic goals, which include 1) communication, 2) collaboration (connectivity), and 3) partnerships and sponsorships. 

This group also interfaces with and coordinates with a Communication Task Force to implement agreed-upon strategies through the technical expertise of IPR.G members. This Working Group meets monthly for one hour and seeks volunteers interested in serving for a two-year term. 

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity or learning more about this collaborative Working Group, please feel free to e-mail either Jody Frost or Andrea Pfeifle who co-share leadership of this group.

Jody Frost email:

Andrea Pfeifle email:

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